Take A Leap Look At The Sky

In this world of technology we people are ignoring the thing which formed us.While running behind temporary beauty we forget the real beauty whose praise can’t be articulated in few catalogue of words.I think we should take a break and just have a look at the sky .And experience the wonders of nature.

In course with this beautiful picture of sky .I was spell bounded and contrived to chronicle it’s magic through my poetic expression .

And here it is …

When everywhere its  still..

No chance of wind ..

Like a blanket is wrapped around everything …
When the sky seeps multiple shades of tint ..
Some of blue ,some of grey and some of beautiful  pink .
When you hear the euphony of contrastive bird

Romping in glory of delighted sin..
When the weather is mid ..
Not soo hot  ..

Not so chill..

But somewhere regarding and smoothing a tempted field …
When you smile regarding the pulchritude of kin….
And you seized  the sight of mounting glossy tan…
Not in some mechanics but in vision of sight…

Not just to praise but to learn a lesson of life…
Each shard of nature converses life ..
But it’s in our hands we grasp it or leave as it lies

This poem is all about the beauty of the sky.How the nature was in pure silence and momentarily the sky seeped into multiple shades of tint that glorified my sight.It was a evening outlook and time for euphony of birds.And those spells of birds felt like sin to humanity.The weather was delightful in mid of feelings .And then fleetingly the sight of sunset is caught.

And every shard of nature regards life and it’s own choice that we grasp it or leave it just as a sight.

We people nowadays use nature as a means of being popular. We have forgotten to appreciate it but we never forget to capture it .People now where ever see any beautiful scenario in a blink of eye they start capturing it in their devices and uploading it in social media with a fascinating caption ” Enjoying nature” or ” Some time for nature” when they don’t even blink a eye on nature. They just keep capturing it and captioning. Not for a moment they looked and praised the beauty by their eyes not with device.It has become a trend to upload pictures of nature on social media. But not a single ever took time to see and feel that nature. All wants just attention and some sort of beautiful adjectives for their great work.While there are a handful who manages to have a look at nature,feel it’s beauty and it’s a rejoicing ,recreational education for them.

There are a lot if things to learn from nature .Most important are patience and tolerance.These two qualities are needed to be grasped by nature.Patience and the calmness of nature is appreciable.It’s calmness is soothing to heart.And life is all about patience and we humans need to learn to have patience and  then life will be the most beautiful thing and there will be no destruction.Secondly tolerance ,that is also much important. Nature is so tolerant. It tolerates our cruelty ,misbehavior and harshness. And we humans needs to understand that very deeply. If we learn to tolerate some things then there might be no violence.

But every coin has two sides .Too much of nothing is good .Tolerance and patience are important but in right situations.

Hence , the conclusion comes here is that we need take out some time and understand the pages of nature,up raise it with our eyes,feel it and learn the lessons of life through it.